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Korean Government Support Program for Self-financed Students

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  • To help international students adapt to life in Korea and enhance their view of Korea
  • To attract international students’ interest in studying in Korea and increase the number of incoming international students
    to Korea

Support period

An applicant should fulfill all of the following qualifications:
① An applicant who is in his/her sophomore, junior or senior year at a 4-year Korean university on the day of application,
② An applicant whose cumulative GPA is 80 percentile or higher,
③ An applicant whose previous semester GPA is 80 percentile or higher, and
④ An applicant who has achieved Level 4 or higher on the TOPIK test.

Application Period

Between Mid January and Early March

Screening Procedure

  1. Announcement of the new-year scholarship program (NIIED→Universities) Mid January
  2. Submission of application documents (Universities→NIIED) Early March
  3. Setting up of the Screening Commitee (NIIED) Mid March
  4. Screening of application documents (NIIED) Mid March
  5. Notice of the selected scholars (NIIED→Universities) Late March
  6. Scholarship payment (NIIED→Universities) Late March

Scope and payment procedure of scholarship

Living expenses Scholarship period Payment procedure
6 million won or less
(500,000wProductson per month)
12 months or less
  • – The NIIED transfers the scholarship money to
    the bank account of the relevant universities
    (Every Semester, twice a year)
  • – The universities then pay the monthly scholarship
    to the selected students on a monthly basis.


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