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ISS Scholarships


The ISS offers scholarships to applicants from certain countries. Competition for these scholarships is high and funds are limited, so the majority of scholarships awarded are partial scholarships. Only approximately 50 full scholarships are granted.

Applying for a scholarship

Application deadline:

February 1

How to apply:

Apply online as a scholarship applicant, and remember to complete and upload ourscholarship form with your application. In the scholarship form, you will be asked to specify the amount of money needed to participate.

What are we looking for?

To be a successful ISS scholarship recipient, you must demonstrate:

  • that your academic background is relevant to the course you apply for (see course descriptions for more information)
  • that your professional background is relevant to the course you apply for
  • your financial need

Who CANNOT apply for scholarships awarded by the ISS?

Who can apply for scholarships to Bachelor’s courses?

Who can apply for scholarships to Master’s courses?

Sponsored applicants

If you apply as a “sponsored” applicant, some or all of your costs must be covered from a source other than the ISS, a source you have to find yourself: an employer, a private foundation or company, school, etc. You may still apply for a partial scholarship from the ISS, however, ISS scholarships are non-negotiable once they are awarded.

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